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Indianer is a PR/promotion and management company based in Oslo, Norway. 



As a PR company, Indianer has several years of experience working with both small and large Norwegian distribution companies and record labels. 


Indianer started as a PR company in 2009 and has since then offered well-targeted PR that is especially suited to a band or artist’s needs. We also write and send out press releases through to a large list of industry-contacts. No matter what genre or style you belong to Indianer offers a unique and personal service, catering to your specific needs.


Indianer cooperates with both domestic and international bands and artists, concentrating on Norwegian media-outlets for their promotional services. For further references from both domestic and international artists, please click here.


The company mainly works with bands and artists, but also operates within other areas in culture and art. We cooperate with all Norwegian radio stations, magazines, newspapers, websites, TV-stations and all other media you may want to be put in touch with to front a single, an album or a tour. This includes, but is not limited to, interviews with all types of media, reviews, radio (airplay and performances), local promotion (concerts and tours), TV appearances, as well as blog-reviews and features.



Indianer Management is an international management company based in Oslo, Norway, with a huge network across the globe. Our management roster today consists of Highasakite, Siv Jakobsen, Pom Poko, Amanda Tenfjord, Ira Nor, Isak Shorty and Doif.


For management info, please click here.

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